Eagle Rock is a neighborhood of Northeast Los Angeles in the San Rafael Hills, Los Angeles County, California.  It sits just west of Pasadena, home of the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl.

Eagle Rock is named after a large rock outcropping, resembling an eagle with its wings outstretched. The land was part of the Rancho San Rafael under Spanish and Mexican governorship. It was divided into parcels in 1870. It became a city in 1911 and joined Los Angeles in 1923.

The  real estate website Redfin list of "Hottest Neighborhoods of 2014," and listed Eagle Rock as No.2 in America. 

Last year Conde Nast Traveler named York Boulevard, which runs between Eagle Rock and Highland Park, "L.A.'s Coolest Street.”

Like its Eastside neighbors Highland Park and Silver Lake, Eagle Rock exudes eclectic charm and a quirky mix of the old and the new. Bohemian youth, urban homesteaders, Occidental College students and multigenerational families converge in this small-town stretch of northeastern LA.

The well-trafficked Colorado and Eagle Rock Boulevards are lined with specialty clothing stores, unique markets, antique crafts shops and enough restaurants and bars to keep you satisfied for days.


The neighborhood is inhabited by a wide variety of ethnic and socioeconomic groups and the creative class.  Over the past decade the Eagle Rock and neighboring Highland Park have been experiencing gentrification as young urban professionals have moved from nearby neighborhoods such as Los Feliz and Silver Lake.  A core of counter-culture writers, artists and filmmakers has existed in Eagle Rock since the 1920s.  


* For the most accurate school information please use the link provided to Great Schools.org

Schools | Public

Eagle Rock children attend schools in District 4 of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

  • Eagle Rock High School, 1750 Yosemite Drive.
  • Renaissance Arts Academy, charter high school, 1800 Colorado Boulevard
  • Dahlia Heights Elementary School, 5063 Floristan Avenue
  • Santa Rosa Charter Academy, middle school, 3838 Eagle Rock Boulevard
  • Eagle Rock Elementary School, 2057 Fair Park Avenue
  • Rockdale Elementary School, 1303 Yosemite Drive
  • Delevan Drive Elementary School, 4168 West Avenue 42
  • Toland Way Elementary School, 4545 Toland Way
  • Annandale Elementary School, 6125 Poppy Peak Drive
  • Celerity Troika Charter School, 1495 Colorado Boulevard[22]

Schools | Private

  • Westminster Academy, elementary
  • St. Dominic Elementary School, 2005 Merton Avenue
  • Fusion Academy and Learning Center, 825 Colorado Boulevard
  • Grace Christian Academy, 1664 Yosemite Drive
  • American Montessori Preschool and Elementary, 4475 Eagle Rock Boulevard
  • Montessori Children's World, 4371 Eagle Rock Boulevard

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