Situated just east of the Los Angeles river, Boyle Heights has long been a gateway for newcomers to the city. From the 1920s to the 1950s it was Los Angeles’ most heterogenous neighborhood, serving as home to large concentrations of Jews, Mexicans, and Japanese Americans, as well as Russian Molokans, African Americans, and people of Armenian, Italian, and Chinese descent. Today the neighborhood is primarily Latino, and it continues to serve as a port-of-entry for a number of the city’s immigrant groups.  Boyle Heights is a youthful neighborhood of almost 100,000 residents.  The district has more than twenty public schools, and ten private schools. It has several notable buildings and sites, and a number of notable people have lived in Boyle Heights or been connected with it. Though sometimes mistakenly thought to be part of the independent East Los Angeles, Boyle Heights is within Los Angeles city proper.

Sometimes referred to as the city's Ellis Island, Boyle Heights is the feature of a new documentary, East LA Interchange, shines a light on the way multicultural community morphed through the years and the history of activism.  

In the 1950s, Boyle Heights was racially and ethnically diverse, with Jews, Latinos, and Japanese Americans living in the neighborhood.

Bruce Phillips, a sociologist who tracked Jewish communities across the United States, said that Jewish families left Boyle Heights not because of racism, but instead because of banks redlining the neighborhood (denying home loans) and the construction of several freeways through the community, which led to the loss of many houses.


* For the most accurate school information please use the link provided to Great Schools.org

Schools | Public

  • SIATech Boyle Heights Independent Study, Charter High School, 501 South Boyle Avenue
  • Extera Public School, Charter Elementary, 1942 E. 2nd Street and 2226 E. 3rd Street
  • Extera Public School #2, Charter Elementary, 1015 S. Lorena Street
  • Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School, alternative, 1200 North Cornwell Street
  • Theodore Roosevelt High School, 456 South Mathews Street
  • Mendez High School 1200 Playa Del Sol
  • Animo Oscar De La Hoya Charter High School, 1114 South Lorena Street
  • Boyle Heights Continuation School, 544 South Mathews Street* Central Juvenile Hall, 1605 Eastlake Avenue
  • Hollenbeck Middle School, 2510 East Sixth Street
  • Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School, 725 South Indiana Street
  • KIPP Los Angeles College Preparatory, charter middle, 2810 Whittier Boulevard
  • Murchison Street Elementary School, 1501 Murchison Street
  • Evergreen Avenue Elementary School, 2730 Ganahi Street
  • Sheridan Street Elementary School, 416 North Cornwell Street
  • Malabar Street Elementary School, 3200 East Malabar Street
  • Breed Street Elementary School, 2226 East Third Street
  • First Street Elementary School, 2820 East First Street
  • Second Street Elementary School, 1942 East Second Street
  • Soto Street Elementary School, 1020 South Soto Street
  • Euclid Avenue Elementary School, 806 Euclid Avenue
  • Sunrise Elementary School, 2821 East Seventh Street
  • Utah Street Elementary School, 255 Gabriel Garcia Marquez Street
  • Bridge Street Elementary School, 605 North Boyle Avenue
  • Garza (Carmen Lomas) Primary Center, elementary, 2750 East Hostetter Street
  • Christopher Dena Elementary School, 1314 Dacotah Street
  • Learning Works Charter School, 1916 East First Street
  • Lorena Street Elementary School, 1015 South Lorena Street
  • PUENTE Learning Center, 501 South Boyle Avenue
  • East Los Angeles Occupational Center (Adult Education), 2100 Marengo Street [11]

Schools | Private

  • Bishop Mora Salesian High School, 960 South Soto Street
  • Santa Teresita Elementary School, 2646 Zonal Avenue
  • Assumption Elementary School, 3016 Winter Street
  • Saint Mary Catholic Elementary School, 416 South Saint Louis Street
  • Our Lady of Talpa, elementary, 411 South Evergreen Avenue
  • East Los Angeles Light and Life Christian School, 207 South Dacotah Street
  • Santa Isabel Elementary School, 2424 Whittier Boulevard
  • Dolores Mission School, elementary, 170 South Gless Street
  • Cristo Viene Christian School, 3607 Whittier Boulevard
  • Resurrection, elementary, 3360 East Opal Street
  • White Memorial Adventist School, 1605 New Jersey Street
  • PUENTE Learning Center, 501 South Boyle Avenue

For more information on the Boyle Heights community and local activities,

check out their website at BoyleHeightsBeat.com.


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